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Find Your Power! 

Serial Entrepreneur, Jacquece Jennings, found her power through CBD.

An Army Veteran, Mental Health Advocate, and Certified International Life Coach, she now owns Nuleaf#1 CBD.


Her newest mission is to bring health and wellness through CBD to you! 

Read her inspiring story below...

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A Woman Leader with Happiness Mission: 

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"I saw how CBD was working for all kinds of people.”

We take pride in providing authentic health options to people around the world.

Just like so many of you, Jacquece Jennings didn’t start out knowing exactly what she wanted to do.

After the Army, Jacquece took a job working in corporate when she discovered CBD. “I was living in Seattle where marijuana was legal and there were all these people benefiting from it and still living productive healthy lives. 

A few years later, in 2018, she was in Atlanta and the farm bill passed. “I just knew this was my chance. I had to do it. I was doing great at my corporate job, but I felt like every day there was something wrong… I went to work and my throat felt tight. I wasn’t living my purpose. I left work one day and didn’t go back.”

"I didn't know how, but I knew that CBD was part of my journey as a healer, uplifter, and connector of people." 
CBD Benefits

Jacquece found these CBD benefits to be helpful for her, and she believes they could help you too!


Pain Management

Cannabidiol is known for assisting with pain by activating the receptors that are responsible for anti-inflammation.



Recent research shows CBD carries anti-seizure properties



CBD is known to assist with symptoms without leaving side effects.


Minimize risk of heart disease

It has been observed in some researches that CBD can keep your blood pressure in control.


Works against nicotine/drug addiction

Medical practitioners have used CBD oil on people suffering from drug-addiction to help them reduce the intake of drugs.


Works brilliantly with skin ailments

CBD can assist with skin ailments such as eczema, as it encourages the death of abnormal cells. 

What makes Nuleaf#1 CBD different from other brands?

Nuleaf is built on integrity, communication and product quality.

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  • Our products include components that support wellness and balance

  • Our brand is centered on quality and customer satisfaction

  • We’ve dedicated our careers to providing a quality, top-notch experience

  • These products are efficient, high quality, and enjoyable to use

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