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Best Way to Take CBD

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Manufacturers infuse CBD extracts in products like gummies, skin creams, bath balms, vape juices and edibles. Notably, each product tends to create a varied level of impact on the user. The potency in these products may be the same but differs in terms of result. The actual results between these intake methods vary due to a series of facts. Likewise, each of these intake methods may cost you additional money depending on the usage. For instance, you need to invest in devices and coils when you choose to vape. People choose their preferred intake method depending on the satisfaction, lifestyle and convenience. Let’s explore the facts and information regarding CBD intake methods. Inhalation Vaping and inhaling the vaporized medical ingredients is a traditional treatment method. It is also known as aromatherapy or vaping. Inhalation has quite a few advantages when compared with other intake methods. Below are some key facts regarding CBD vaping and its impact. Maximum time to impact: Less than a minute. Minimum dose: Two or more puffs. Administered through: Oesophagus and lungs. Impact duration: Impact of a moderate vaping session can last for at least 90minutes. Inhaling the CBD offers an almost immediate impact on the users. It takes less than a few seconds to less than a minute to create the CBD effect. Unlike edibles, vaporized CBD gets absorbed by Oesophagus instantly when you inhale it. That way, cannabidiol reaches the circulation faster without going through the digestion process. Edibles CBD gummies, CBD oils, CBD syrups, CBD cookies, and CBD pills are some examples of CBD edibles. There are a lot of such CBD edibles available in the market. CBD edibles work much slower than other intake methods. However, the impact lasts longer than other intake methods. Not only that, the impact duration varies depending on the edible. Time to impact: Less than an hour. Dose: Minimum 5mg for adults. Administered through: Oesophagus, stomach and liver. Impact duration: Pills, honey and Syrups – Less than 90 minutes. Gummies, cookies and other edibles – Less than two hours. Sublingual Sublingual CBD products such as tinctures tend to work identically to the inhalation method. When you put a few drops of tincture under your tongue, it gets absorbed by the glands and the mucous membrane in the mouth. That way, it reaches the circulation and impacts the muscles and brain quickly. However, the impact duration for sublingual CBD products tends to be shorter than any other intake methods. Time to impact: Less than a few minutes. Dose: Minimum 5mg. Administered through: Saliva glands, Oesophagus and mucous membrane in the mouth. Duration of the Impact: Lasts less than an hour. Sublingual CBD products are the best choice for people who can’t vape. Unlike vaping, CBD tinctures don’t require any specific devices. Moreover, you can consume CBD tinctures anywhere and at any time without looking for a smoking zone. Besides, you can carry it on your travel without any restrictions in the airport and international terminals. Topical Topical CBD products are one of the best ways to expose the skin and muscles to cannabidiol. Pills and tinctures may provide the CBD effect on muscles. And, it doesn’t get to reach the bloodstream through the skin and pores. Nevertheless, CBD topical products are way more useful for skin care and muscle pain. When you apply the CBD creams on the skin, it penetrates the skin through the surface and offers the CBD effect to the muscles. Nano CBD products Nano emulsified cannabidiol extract is known as nano CBD. Nano CBD contains molecules that size about 1/10th of the regular CBD particles. Given the smaller size, our body absorbs the Nano CBD easier. Such an increase in bio-availability means faster impact. Irrespective of the product type, Nano CBD provides a faster impact, and it takes less dosage to achieve the best results. Also, it is effortless to determine the dosage requirements with Nano CBD. How to choose the best Intake method for you? Do you like the hemp taste? If not, then Choose flavored CBD products such as CBD gummies, CBD cookies and flavorful CBD vaping juices. Do you have separate smoking zones in your workplace? If yes, then you can think about vaping as a primary CBD intake method. However, ask yourself if you can allocate time for vaping. Vaping could cost you more in terms of vaping devices and replacement parts. At the same time, vaping can be fun and more enjoyable than the other intake methods. Would you prefer a faster impact that lasts for a short time? Or would you prefer the CBD effect that lasts longer? Depending on your requirement, choose products that match your preference. Last but not least, choose products depending on your stance for THC.

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