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Health Benefits and Uses of CBD

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Benefits and uses of CBD

CBD (A component extracted from hemp and cannabis) is one compound known for its healing properties. There have been many products, which include CBD extracts and users buy those CBD infused products to assist with various ailments. CBD is known to alleviate the symptoms of different health ailments. Here is a list of benefits which you can gain from the usage of CBD.

Relieves Pain

Pain is a result of inflammation in the body cells. Cannabidiol can alleviate the pain by activating the receptors that are responsible for anti-inflammation. Besides, endocannabinoids in our body system boost the function naturally.

Treats Epilepsy

Recent research by the team from JMB England shows CBD carries anti-seizure properties. That means it can treat epilepsy and other neurological disorders, which occurs due to drug restrictions and immune responsiveness.

Over the years, it has been believed that people suffering from trauma and stress can negatively react to the usage of CBD. However, as per the research done in 2015 via some neurotherapeutics, it has been proved that CBD can alleviate anxiety disorders. (i.e., stress, depression, social anxiety disorder, and so on)

Minimize risk of heart disease

It has been observed in some researches that CBD can keep your blood pressure in control. People who consume CBD experienced a reduction in blood pressure. Further, the decrease in blood pressure leads to a healthy heart and keeping heart diseases at bay.

Treats Schizophrenia

It is a medical condition which often leads to severe and more complicated mental illness. It usually takes a strong dosage of varied therapies and drugs to cure. People with such mental conditions tend to suffer from hallucinations and odd mental conditions. CBD alleviates such symptoms without leaving any side effects.

Works brilliantly with Skin ailments

It has been proved that CBD treats skin ailments such as eczema, as it encourages the death of abnormal cells. That indicates the reduction in acne, leading to healthy skin. Because of these indicative properties, researchers see it as a future treatment for skin Vulgaris.

Works against nicotine/drug addiction

Medical practitioners have used and tried CBD oil on people suffering from drug-addiction to help them reduce the intake of drugs. CBD works brilliantly against drugs like opioid, cocaine, and several other stimulants. CBD works perfectly on reducing the withdrawal symptoms when recovering from the addiction.

Fights with cancer procured pain and initial stages.

Cancer is a life-threatening disease, and the sad part of it lies in the pain people suffer during the treatment, especially the chemotherapy. For people suffering from this, CBD has become a natural alternative for pain reduction.

The main reason behind the same is the CBD compounds. They help to surpass the cancer cell growth and destroys the damaged cancer cell within the body. Other than that, researchers had also proved that CBD oil relieves the painful after-effects of cancer curing therapies such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

A boon for people who have Alzheimer;

Alzheimer is a severe ailment, and people who suffer from it find it difficult to remember things. As per the Journal of Alzheimer's disease, it has been found that if CBD is included in the daily diet of patients who have Alzheimer's. Consequently, it slows down the symptoms of Alzheimer. CBD helps in remembering things and developing a good memory power.

Does CBD works on pets?

CBD has the capacity of improving human health. Likewise, it has also been found useful on cats and dogs. Some studies suggest that it works on all living beings that have an active Endocannabinoid system.

CBD oil soothes the following symptoms in your animals.

· Barking or crying of dogs/cats excessively

· Aloofness

· Pain reduction

· Relaxation

How exactly CBD works?

From the above pointers, we can understand that CBD is a boon for our health. Our body has its immune system and pain management ability. It is also known as the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). Cannabidiol is known to communicate with the receptors and body cells.

That way, it boosts the immunity system and pain management system. Besides, cannabidiol helps in managing the symptoms of mood-related and sleep-related disorders. CBD works with the ECS, and stimulate the overall body function. It helps in maintaining better body-brain coordination, which leads to better overall health.

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