Nuleaf #1’s veterinarian-formulated treats will be your dog’s best friend! Our premium grade CBD dog treats contain 2mg CBD per serving, packed with a delicious beef flavor that will be a delicacy for your pup. These dog treats are made using water-soluble hemp powder that will easily dissolve in anything you’re trying to feed to your dog. CBD dog treats are usually preferred by owners who want to reduce stress and separation anxiety in their furry friends. We keep in mind to use natural ingredients to ensure that your pup stays healthy!


- 2mg CBD Hemp extract per serving

- 30 servings per jar

- Manufactured in the USA

- 0% THC Content

- Broad-spectrum

- Lab-tested


Benefits of our CBD Dog Treats

Our CBD dog treats are formulated using natural ingredients to make sure that your dog only consumes the absolute best. Common problems for which our dog treats are purchased include anxiety and stress related to separation and loud noises, especially those of cars, fluctuating mood, and general issues regarding skin and coat health.

Beef Flavored CBD Dog Treats 60mg

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  • Give the treat to your dog as a snack or add it to its food as a part of a healthy diet. Do keep an eye on your pet while it’s consuming the treat. Also, make sure that fresh drinking water is always available for the dog.