Our amazing organic CBD salve is formulated using 500mg of CBD Hemp extract in accordance with wonderful essential oils that help rejuvenate your skin, all the while providing a soothing sensation for your muscles and joints. This premium grade CBD salve is not only renowned for its relaxing properties but is also preferred by our customers to assist with joint and muscle pain.




- 500mg CBD Hemp extract

- Manufactured in the USA

- 0% THC Content

- Broad-spectrum

- Lab-tested


Benefits of our CBD Pain Cream

Nuleaf #1’s CBD salve contains only the best natural ingredients just for you. Along with organic hemp extract, we have infused all-natural essential oils into this cream in order to give you the full package.


Lavender oil helps with anxiety and stress, all the while getting rid of skin problems. Eucalyptus oil can help with arthritis and skin ulcers. Last but not the least, organic beeswax helps hydrate the skin and repair damaged cells.

Organic CBD Salve 500mg

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  • Wash or rinse the desired area before applying an appropriate amount of the topical. Gently rub the cream into the area until the cream is fully absorbed. Wash your hands after the application. Refer to your doctor regarding the dosage if the need arises.