An ultra-smooth skin is the number one reason behind a healthy appearance. Nuleaf #1 brings you an amazing Moisturizer Cream produced with the natural extracts of CBD. Our Moisturizer Cream with CBD pierces through your skin to help expel any dryness and moisturize it thoroughly. Our formulation can give you the ultra-smooth baby skin that you always dreamt of!


- 250mg organic CBD extract

- Manufactured in the USA

- Absolutely 0% THC

- Broad-spectrum

- Laboratory tested


Benefits of our All-Natural Ingredients

The Moisturizer Cream with CBD is a wonderful blend of Aloe Vera, Safflower, and Olive Oil that work together to eliminate every ounce of dryness from your skin. Our rapid action formula yields ultra-smooth baby-like skin that lasts! In accordance to that, customers usually use our cream to fight off inflammation and scars using the CBD.

Moisturizer Cream with CBD 250mg

  • Our laboratory tested formulation works best when applied to the affected area thoroughly. We recommend that you rub the Moisturizer Cream in a circular manner until it is absorbed into your skin perfectly. Do consult a doctor regarding the dosage before starting the use of this product.